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About “The Talks”

On The Talks, we are building a clearinghouse of knowledge from the world’s most inspired scientists and researchers and offering them a platform to share and develop their leading-edge ideas and practices with global communities. The Talks is for all the inspired thinkers...

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Renowned Speakers

Below are the few renowned Speakers, who would be the witness for the great talks initiated by us and are getting ready to share the ideas on various topics. They are looking forward to connecting for a brainstorming assembly to build a new path for ground-breaking research.

  • Angelo La Leggia

    Diagnostic Medical Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom

  • Cherif Abdelkhirane

    Clinique des Spécialités Achifaa, Morocco

  • Khalid Bin Waleed

    Fuwai Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China

  • Julio Marti Almore

    Head of Arrythmia Section, Hospital Del Mar, Spain

  • Olivier E. Pardo

    Team Lead, Imperial College, United Kingdom

  • George Vasmatzis

    Co-Director, Biomarker Discovery Program, Mayo Clinic, USA